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January 31, 2009


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little chicken

You know how Starbucks likes to promote the idea of Starbucks as the third place... first place being home, second place being work, third place being Starbucks.... you have just found a way to turn the third place a little into the first! Like a math-magician! :) Actually, I just finished unpacking the kitchen stuff in my apt last night and realized that I have a LOT of Starbucks mugs.... hemmm I've found a way to turn the third place a little into the first. I'm a math-magician too :)

These are cute little cup warmers. They kind of remind me of the tea kettle warmer things but smaller. You should just keep a couple in your car so when you go to Starbucks you have one waiting for you to keep that caramel macchiato warm! :)

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